Repairing your credit report after identity theft can be difficult, we are here to help you with that process, making it easier than ever.

You never have to worry about upfront costs, as our fees are reimbursed from the money recovered in your case. As Identity Theft Attorneys, we understand how an identity thief may harm a credit record and credit score. We know how to repair identity theft-related credit records and, as a result, credit scores.

If your case is simple and  we are able to repair your credit record due to identity theft with just a few letters, we would gladly do it at no cost to you. We will not charge you any out-of-pocket charges if we have to file a lawsuit on your behalf to get the credit agencies to clean up your credit record due to identity theft. Our fees and charges are reimbursed from the monetary compensation recovered in your case. In many cases we file for damages against the credit bureaus and lenders so they end up having to pay you for the ordeal you have just gone through, this is in addition to our costs and attorney’s fees, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Identity Theft: What You Should Know

  1. A common scenario of identity theft is a family member stealing the identity of another member of the family.
  2. The process of repairing your credit after identity theft starts with the same document: a police report.
  3. If you don’t want to file a police complaint, the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Report may be able to help you correct your credit report.
  4. Many incidents of identity theft may be avoided with a little caution and attention, such as:
  • Don’t show your credit card to anyone in public;
  • Purchase a shredder and ensure that any documents containing personal information are shredded.
  • Don’t be a victim of a con! Your bank, the IRS, and the FBI do not interact with you via email.
  • Anyone requesting your social security number should be someone you know needs it.
  • Don’t give anyone your passwords, credit card information, or social security number unless you know they already have it. If a call comes in from your bank requesting any of this information, hang up.

Call Credit Robin if you have been a victim of identity theft. We’re here to assist you. You may also reach out to us by email at

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